Water Hardness Test Kit: How to Measure the Hardness of Your Water

Hard Water: Defined

When the water in your household contains a high level of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, it is considered to be something “hard.” When water is categorized as such, there is an aesthetic issue that goes along with it. Some of the most common problems that you will most likely encounter include spots occurring on your dishes, poor lathering, etc. Hard water can also cause mechanical issues such as poor performance of washing machine, expensive repairs and clogged plumbing systems.

Hard water is basically found in certain areas such as close neighborhoods and private water supplies that usually come from deep wells.

Testing Water Hardness

In case you are not aware, the hardness of water mainly depends on the current place where you live and the amount of minerals which are found in your water supply. In certain countries like in the United Kingdom, 60 percent of the households there are in areas where hard water is present.

If you are currently dwelling in a place where hard water is found, there are several tell-tale signs that will tell you how hard your water supply is:

  • Your appliances such as washing machine, kettles and showers and anything that makes use of water would usually fur as they function.
  • Your drinking water would usually taste poor with unwanted smell, sediments and discoloration.
  • It is common to see scale deposits in your water heating system.
  • You will discover scale and scum around baths, taps, sinks and showers.
  • Your central heating boilers would usually operate in a noisy manner.
  • Radiators would usually operate with reduced efficiency and flow.
  • Soaps, shampoos and cleansers do not produce bubbles and lather.
  • Your laundry would definitely look lifeless, dull and flat.
  • Household ceramics and glass would usually go spotting and streaking.

How to Measure Water Hardness?

If you wish to measure the level of hardness of the water supply in your area and you are uncertain about doing this on your own, take the time to seek for guidance from the water authority in your locality. Prior to this, you can also make use of a water hardness test kit to measure the level and severity of hard water in your current location.

What is a Water Hardness Test Kit?

This kind of kit allows you to test the hardness of water on your own. With the use of this kit, you will be able to determine the calcium and magnesium content of your water. These are known as unwanted minerals that make water real hard especially when they come in excess. In this regard, it is important to come up with a high quality water hardness test kit to safeguard the welfare and health of everyone and everything in your household.

Watersafe WS425B Drinking Water Test Kit

In most households, drinking water usually comes from the faucet so it is really important that your water source should be safely guarded from the invasion of unwanted minerals that run through your household’s plumbing system. In order for you to get rid of any potential harm which are brought about by using hard water it pays to make use of an effective water hardness test kit in the first place. And of the various types of such products offered in the market today, Watersafe WS425B Drinking Water Test Kit is 0ne of the best.

With this kind of water test kit, you will get the following benefits for your advantage:

  • Achieve professional lab results in your home.
  • Get the opportunity to determine whether your water supply is hard or not.
  • Determine the pH balance of your water
  • Helps you detect the presence of harmful chlorine as well as dangerous types of bacteria
  • Helps reveal the presence of dreadful and dangerous toxins (fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Get the chance to compare your results with the recommended levels of EPA.

Why Choose Water Safe WS425B Drinking Water Test Kit

With this kind of water hardness test kit, you will also have the following benefits for your advantage and convenience:

  • Disposable
  • One-step
  • Comes in individual packages
  • No measuring or mixing
  • Gives accurate results in minutes
  • Highly safe and effective

The welfare of your family and your household is an important thing that you need to focus on. Giving your family healthy drinking water is simply a paramount thing that you should consider doing. By testing the hardness of your water supply through a high quality and effective hard water test kit, you will be able to safeguard the entirety of your household according to your expectations. To be able to achieve this, it is highly recommended to make use of a hard water test kit such as the Watersafe WS425B Drinking Water Test Kit today.

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