What you Need to Know about Shower Head Water Softener

Hard water usage comes with various challenges. It does not just cause the buildup of whitish substances on surfaces and shower heads, but can also irritate the skin. However, with a shower head water softener, these detrimental effects of hard water can be eliminated or even prevented. A water softener designed for use with a shower head is a gadget that is usually connected to a shower valve with the main objective of softening hard water before it is used for showering.

Unlike water softeners, water filters remove harmful chemicals and impurities from water, but not the minerals dissolved in it that render it hard. The process of installing it is similar to that of ordinary shower heads. However, certain specifics during installation totally depend on the specific type of shower head; whereas some shower heads have a filter installed in them, others have them on their exteriors.

Irrespective of the kind of shower head chosen, you can be sure to enjoy a range of benefits. Water softener for shower heads are ideal for those who enjoy the feel of soft water or want to prevent the effects of using hard water not just on their skin and hair, but also on household appliances, plumbing systems and any other surface that may get in touch with the water.


Unlike the installation of water softening systems for use in a whole house, water softeners for shower heads are very simple and easy to mount onto the shower valves. A typical gadget for softening hard water in the showers mainly comprise of a small tank for filtration, a shower head and the element utilized to connect the softener to the shower valve. Often, the installation of these devices does not require the intervention of a professional; they can be fixed the DIY way.

This is unlike whole house water softeners that entail intensive installations and integration of the softeners into the water supply systems. As a result, the complexity of these installations requires the expertise of professionals at a higher price of course.

The Cost and Maintenance

Shower head water softener costs around $100 whereas shower filters are available at lower prices. The price of replacement cartridges ranges from $10 to $45 depending on its brand and quality. Although there are many local stores that sell the water softeners for shower heads across the globe, they can be easily ordered from convenient stores online.

Just like any other kind of system for softening water, maintenance is required to ensure that the systems function optimally as required. Although the maintenance of other water softening systems involve pellets of potassium and salts, this specific kind used in shower heads only need the replacement of its filters.

In short, this means that not so much is required for the maintenance of this kind softener. As a result, costs involved are greatly reduced. It is important to ensure that the cost of replacing shower head filters for the water softeners and their availability is determined when planning to invest in this kind of system. There are scenarios where the filters can only be ordered from the manufacturer.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

  • Simple installations that can take up to a few minutes only, hence no expertise needed (installation instructions are very straight forward and easy to understand).
  • 99{c20798c9dbbca1aa9ab4c2d87798c83527ad482acc8d0f71b609ab460af13a9c} of chlorine is eliminated from water.
  •  Cartridges from the brands with high ratings can filter 10,000 gallons of water on average. When utilized averagely, replacements can be done twice a year.
  •  Other minerals and chemicals in water are also removed.
  • Produces water as good as that from a spring.
  • The softened and filtered water is skin safe.
  • Since the water is free from chemicals, it is lungs safe.
  •  Less water pressure is lost
  • Maintenance of the shower heads is very cost effective and thus economical

When purchasing this gadget for your shower, it is important to ensure that the vendor is reputable and known to sell quality products in the market. Look out for reviews online and ensure that the gadget comes with a warranty or some kind of after sales service.


It is very common for sales persons to convince customers to purchase products that they do not need. Do not let them lure you into buying a large water softening system when all you need is a shower head water softener. Although the large systems come with a lot more benefits, they can only be realized if you have very hard water that should be scaled within your appliances and plumbing systems like pipes. Furthermore, water softeners for shower heads are environment friendly, affordable and very attractive. What more would you ever ask for?

Updated: June 16, 2017 — 3:13 pm

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